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German-English Translation

VIENNA: Michaelerplatz
Michaelerplatz occupies one side of the Hofburg, the old imperial palace. Today the palace houses the Austrian National Library and serves as the Austrian president's official residence.

I translate German technical, medical and business documents into polished English appropriate for a specific audience, write and edit technical content for global audiences, and edit academic text written in English by non-native English speakers. In more than a decade in business I have never missed a deadline. You can rely on me!

My translation projects have involved computer documentation (software and hardware), technical manuals, operating instructions, technical specifications, IT-related presentations, quality assurance guides, articles about transportation, logistics and industry events, contracts and other business documents. A number of the original documents have been in Swiss and Austrian German, both of which differ substantially from the German spoken in the Federal Republic of Germany.

At reliable translations llc you will always talk to the person who actually works on your project - me. A one-person shop guarantees personal and reliable service, and a commitment to consistent quality.

In 2014 I began to write about medical studies for an HIV website and now write about HIV, HCV and other medical topics. I also edit English-language academic papers for language while preserving their content. Visit my writing website to find out more about these services.

Do you need someone to translate technical or medical text from German? E-mail me at reliable translations.

Do you need someone to write about medical studies or issues? E-mail me at bjungwirth.com.

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