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VIENNA: Michaelerplatz
Michaelerplatz occupies one side of the Hofburg, the old imperial palace. Today the palace houses the Austrian National Library and serves as the Austrian president's official residence.

I translate German technical and business documents into polished English appropriate for a specific audience, and write and edit technical content for global audiences. In more than a decade in business I have never missed a deadline. You can rely on having the translation in hand when you need it - if not sooner.

With my formal education split between Austria and the US, I am comfortable with both German and English technical and business language. Before I translated technical documents, I wrote software documentation, and maintained computers and networks. As a senior member of the Society for Technical Communication I regularly interact with technical writers and designers. This means I truly understand your content and am familiar with the latest developments in US technical communication. You can rely on an accurate representation of your text in appropriate English.

In my prior career as director of IT for a non-profit organization, I was also responsible for training young women in basic computer skills. I wrote my own materials for this purpose, learning in the process how to write for readers with limited literacy and/or English skills. During the last few years I have spoken about writing for global audiences at several events, including the tekom conference in Germany and the STC Summit in the US. You can rely on easy readability of your edited documents.

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