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Working Away From Home – Lessons Learned

Spending three weeks in Philadelphia recently to help my daughter with her new baby taught me a few things about working away from the office for an extended period. Forwarding your business phone may cost more: Before leaving New York, I forwarded my business landline to my cell phone, so existing and potential clients could […]

Beyond the Basics of Freelancing

I recently completed Corinne McKay’s very helpful course “Beyond the Basics of Freelancing”. The four-week class included lectures in the form of e-mailed MS Word documents, weekly conference calls where each participant could ask a question/pose a problem to the group each week, weekly assignments related to that week’s lecture (to which I received extensive […]

Upselling Translation Services

In a recent post on her blog Words on the Page Lori Widmer lists ways in which writers can sell additional services to existing clients (The Upsell). This had me thinking about the services technical translators could “upsell”. Editing source documents for internationalization*, so they can be more easily translated Localizing* target text for a […]