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Finding Clients Across the Ocean

To get clients, you need to go where the clients are – either virtually or face-to-face(s). When you are physically an ocean away, a virtual connection is obviously preferable. There are a few ways to do this: Join LinkedIn groups for the industries in which you specialize. Simply receiving notifications of the group’s activities may […]

New Year, New Files – Why My Shredder Runs Hot

When New York City shut down for the blizzard that wasn’t last week, I finally had time to sort out old paper files. Since my clients’ information – including which projects I have translated or edited – is confidential, my paper shredder was getting a good workout. Given the threat of identity theft, I also […]

Working Away From Home – Lessons Learned

Spending three weeks in Philadelphia recently to help my daughter with her new baby taught me a few things about working away from the office for an extended period. Forwarding your business phone may cost more: Before leaving New York, I forwarded my business landline to my cell phone, so existing and potential clients could […]

Beyond the Basics of Freelancing

I recently completed Corinne McKay’s very helpful course “Beyond the Basics of Freelancing”. The four-week class included lectures in the form of e-mailed MS Word documents, weekly conference calls where each participant could ask a question/pose a problem to the group each week, weekly assignments related to that week’s lecture (to which I received extensive […]

New Clients in 2013 and New Services in 2014

Attending conferences can sometimes pay off when you least expect it. One of my new clients this year comes from a contact I made at the tekom Jahrestagung in Germany two years ago. After an initial follow-up e-mail, I had kept this particular contact on my annual holiday card list, but hadn’t otherwise contacted her […]

What Can I Do to Help My Translators Do a Better Job?

In this series I addressed pricing and timing questions, technical issues, such as file formats and questions about quality assurance. Now that you have some background on how we translators work, here are some ideas to help us do a better job. Internationalize source text Proof source text to ensure consistency Provide comprehensive glossary verified […]

Upselling Translation Services

In a recent post on her blog Words on the Page Lori Widmer lists ways in which writers can sell additional services to existing clients (The Upsell). This had me thinking about the services technical translators could “upsell”. Editing source documents for internationalization*, so they can be more easily translated Localizing* target text for a […]

How to Guard Against Equipment Failure

The last few months have brought a series of weather-related infrastructure problems to the Northeastern US – first Hurricane Sandy severely damaged houses and apartments in New York City, and the snowstorm last weekend left many people in Connecticut and Massachusetts without power or heat. As a result, preparing for equipment or service outages, has […]

Translators Editing Original Content – Why and How?

The term “Globish” was popularized by a French IBM executive, Jean-Paul Nerriere. Nerriere observed interactions at international business meetings and concluded that non-native English speakers used a type of simplified English to communicate with each other. He then created a codified version of basic English, which he termed “Globish”. I learned this from an article […]

Will new European patent law reduce the need for translations?

Today’s New York Times reports on the uniform patent system just adopted by the European Parliament. In addition to creating “unitary patents” that do not need to be validated separately in each country, it also eliminates the requirement that patents be translated into all local languages. Instead, English, German or French are sufficient. German-English translation […]