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English ≠ English

Q: Which of these pictures shows a “coffee can”? A: Both do. The one on the left is a coffee can & saucer friends brought from England, the one on the right is the coffee can in my New York kitchen. When I receive a request to translate a document “from German to English”, one […]

Are Non-Native English Speakers Reading Your Documents?

How many of your U.S. customers are not native English speakers? How many of your international customers are in countries where English is not commonly spoken? How many of your business customers’ employees speak a language other than English at home? How many of your business customers’ contractors are located in non-English-speaking countries? If you […]

Upselling Translation Services

In a recent post on her blog Words on the Page Lori Widmer lists ways in which writers can sell additional services to existing clients (The Upsell). This had me thinking about the services technical translators could “upsell”. Editing source documents for internationalization*, so they can be more easily translated Localizing* target text for a […]

Translators Editing Original Content – Why and How?

The term “Globish” was popularized by a French IBM executive, Jean-Paul Nerriere. Nerriere observed interactions at international business meetings and concluded that non-native English speakers used a type of simplified English to communicate with each other. He then created a codified version of basic English, which he termed “Globish”. I learned this from an article […]