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Monthly Archives: March 2013

How Much Will It Cost? Part II

As I noted in Part I of this post, a number of different variables determine the price a mid-sized company looking to expand into foreign markets may pay for having their materials translated: The language combination The type of text The length of the document(s) The formatting and file type(s) of the original The desired […]

How Much Will It Cost? Part I

This may well be one of the first questions our hypothetical documentation manager (see “A Documentation Manager’s Questions About Translation”) asks. After all, he must present upper management with a cost estimate for this portion of the push into the US market. The answer, like that for so many other questions, is: it depends. A […]

A Documentation Manager’s Questions About Translation

A recent article in the New York Times* got me thinking about questions a documentation manager might have about the translation process. The article profiled Marcus Sheridan, one of the owners of a pool company, who began to write blog posts in response to common questions potential customers posed and saw his business improve as […]